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Playstation Account Recovery Process, Hints, and Tips!

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If you are here to complain about how you are " hacked " please refer to the Rules of Conduct, there you will understand why you are not welcomed here to complain who/how you have been " hacked ". You can get instructions on reporting here


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             If you have lost your password you can easily get your account recovered useing the official sony account recovery page here. If you are using a fake account as your Playstation Account email here is what you should do. Sign up that exact email at the email provider you have used for the fake email. ( ex. @yahoo, @gmail, @hotmail ) Then preform the usual password recovery process. 


If you have been scammed into handing over your account try asking kindly for it back to whoever took it.        ( This most likely wont work ) After you did that you can try to do the password recovery, because 9/10 cases of " hacked " accounts I have seen haven been fixed because the villain only changed the password, not the email address, and if the villain did change the email. Try to get the new email, sign up the email at the right provider, then preform the password recovery process. Oh, and don't give away your account to anyone.





If you wish to learn how to protect your account you can follow these tips. 



If you dont want to use your official email you should make an email specificly named to your account. (ex. With that name it will be pretty hard to forget it! 


Remember your security question!!! Make sure you remember your security question. You forget that and you mightaswell make a new account. 


Never give your account details away! Don't even give them to your kids! " Gamesharing " Is illegal, and will 9.9/10 times only benefit one person. Its not worth the risk!!! 



If you have anything to add and/or would like to share your own experience on how you managed to recover your account, feel free to drop a reply. I'm sure people will appreciate your contribution.




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Re: Playstation Account Recovery Process, Hints, and Tips!

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