Mar 14 2013
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Playback on Vita of Movies - Copyright Invalid

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I am not sure where to go for support for this issue. I cannot find any information on getting resolution for this issue so I am starting here. If there is somewhere else to go then I can go there. It is not helped by the fact I am travelling right now.


Anyway, last Saturday, I purchased and downloaded 2 movies from the PSN network using my PS Vita. However after I boarded the plan, got the the altitude that I could use electronics, I then powered on my Vita to play my movies. 


First, the rented movies were not in the rental area under the video player which was a good clue that something was wrong. I finally found them under the [All] sections but when I attempted to play them, they gave me a warning that the copyright information was invalid. Obviously I want to fix this issue but I have found no clue on who exactly handles this issue. Not exactly clear who I call....


Can someone point me in the direction? Right now because it would just be nice to get a refund.



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Re: Playback on Vita of Movies - Copyright Invalid

Mar 14, 2013

Connect the vita to PSN and Sign in

Then try to play the files.

Expect the license needs verification via internet after you signed in... being rental versions only.


If you allready did that sorry. Pass.


No refunds given over PSN is the standard practice. You may get a newbe CS rep who does not know his job yet and may give you a refund so you could try phoning CS...   

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