Dec 21 2012
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PlayStation public profile missing DLC trophies

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I've noticed that at least three of the games I've played have incomplete trophy lists on the public profile feature of the site.


Sleeping Dogs
Uncharted 3
Scott Pilgrim


All three exclude DLC trophies from their listings. However, the progress percentage accounts for the DLC trophies. So in the case of Sleeping Dogs, the percentage is based upon 56 trophies instead of the base 51.


I've tried contacting support regarding this, but they keep coming back to thinking it's an issue with my trophies not syncing to the site.


All of the trophies I've earned are displaying on the site, because I don't have any of the DLC for these games (or have unlocked the relevant trophies yet). I am not having problems syncing data to the site.


Does anyone know of a way to get in touch with a more technical/website-focused support person? Someone who might look at this and also think 'oh, looks like displayOnWeb is set to false.'



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Re: PlayStation public profile missing DLC trophies

Dec 22, 2012

That is a known problem that has existed for years.  The web trophy page is independent of the PS3 trophy system.  Developers are not required to support the web trophy page, and many of them do not do so fully, or even at all.  Some games don't show any trophies at all on the web page. If even the trophies for the base game show up, consider yourself lucky.  There is nothing that Sony can do about it.  It is up to the developer and publisher of the game.  The trophy count, rank, and completion percentages will be correct regardless of which trophies are displayed.

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Re: PlayStation public profile missing DLC trophies

Dec 22, 2012

Thank you, GKP, that's extremely helpful!


But, I have a couple more quesitons Smiley Happy


1) Do you have any suggestions on what I can search for to find out more about this? If not ...


2) Is it a waste of time to try contacting either the developer or publisher? One of these, Uncharted 3, you would think would be correct, since Uncharted is one of the major names associated with the PS3.


3) Is there any information on why the web page doesn't pull from the same place as the PS3's trophy system? Seems goofy to have two backends, pulling in what should be the same information.


As an aside, I did have two games - Spare Parts and Lara Croft Guardians ... - without public trophies. However, that was around the time the PSN was hacked and was unavailable. A few months after the outage they were displaying online. Nice to know they might never have shown up ...



Again, thanks for the insight!

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