Dec 28 2013
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PlayStation Software Problem

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I need some serious help ok so first I've bought this game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow HD for 14.99USD at the PlayStation store and it installed successfully. So day 2 of the purchase rolls in and when the game boots up I would see the regular menu but it will say on every tab APP?LOCALIZATION/LAMBERT3-1-1 or HUD/LOAD?/LOCALIZATIONAPP1-1-1 and then when I get past that the game audio failed so to resolve that I've deleted the game and decided to reinstall it but the playstation store also failed so I waited for a day and it will only get past the PlayStation Store title then the little grey bag with the square triangle X and circle and a message would appear stating an error has occured. But there should not be anything wrong with the system because I just bought it and updated it to 4.41 or is it the PlayStation Store Server ?

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Re: PlayStation Software Problem

Dec 28, 2013

It's probably the servers right now.

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