Jun 09 2011
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PlayStation Plus can't buy 1year sub after using 30 days free

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Hey everyone!

I've just signed up for the 30 days free Welcome Back of PlayStation Plus. It's due to expire 9th July 2011

I was hoping to take advantage of the 1year + 3 months £39.99 offer and stack this onto my 30 free days.

Unfortunately this and the 3 month £11.99 offer only have the preview tab and I cannot purchase them :-(

Is anyone else having this problem?

Am I supposed to extend my Plus subscription differently?

Or will I have to wait till the free 30 days expires. In which case so will the + 3 months deal (ends 15th June.)

The description of 30 days free Welcome Back of PlayStation Plus states you can extend your subscription before it expires.

Any help would be super!

thanks :-D

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