Jul 26 2012
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Patches are the worst things ever! Is there a way around them?

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Alright people, 


Need some help here, I'm pretty sure this is one of the most ridculous things Sony has ever left unrepaired, but If I can get around this, that would be great. It's about patch updates, like for Heavy Rain and Grand Turismo 5? Pardon my language but WHAT THE **bleep**!? I haven't played "Heavy Rain" in months and once I start to pick up again, it says I need to download a patch that's like a 1.5 gigs? (Okay so I patiently decide to wait- after literally 97 minutes! It gets to the point where I'm at 96% finished and 5 minutes remain when ALL OF A SUDDEN, I get logged off PSN and the download stops so now I have to redownload that patch back from 0%? It's not only this game, the same thing happens when I want to play GT 5 I have to download like 3 gigs worth of uploads over a huge span of time and even when I do decide to wait, an error occurs and it stops updating altogether! (BASICALLY NO UPDATE NO PLAY) Only thing I can do is turn the wifi of my ps3 off and then play, but I'd rather not do that, so any suggestions? (Sorry to sound like a **bleep**, but I doubt I'm the only one who faces this problem) IN REGARDS TO SONY--> FIX YOUR **bleep**, I LOVE PLAYSTION, BUT  I DON'T WANNA HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS ON PS4!!!

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Re: Patches are the worst things ever! Is there a way around them?

Jul 26, 2012

The patches for single player games are optional. I know it pops up and starts to patch, but if you hit circle to cancel it will start the game and let you play.

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