Aug 19 2012
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PSN took my money

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i was excited for CS:GO so i bought a credit card vanilla and it said please check credit card info i tried 12 times and i checked the account on vanilla and IT TOOK TWELVE ACTIVATION FEES i want my 12 dollars on my account and i have proofproof of activation.PNG

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Re: PSN took my money

Aug 19, 2012

Welcome to the PlayStation Community,


First of all calm down.


Pre-paid credit cards are not accepted on PSN.


The 12 $1.00 charges are the 12 times you tried to make a purchase, each time you tried it accessed your credit card account to see if the account was valid, had funds, was not reported stolen eyc, it basically made credit checks on the account.


You will get your $12.00 back in a few days, I would use your pre-paid credit card to purchase a PSN card & add your funds that way.

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