Jun 29 2013
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PSN purchases across multiple devices

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Hey everyone,


I was just wondering how sharing PSN purchases across multiple PlayStation devices works.  For example, I downloaded MGS1 on my PS3 and even though it's already installed, the option to install or copy the game is still available.  Would I be able to download this on a PS Vita under the same PSN account?  Basically, can your PSN account and purchases be linked to at least one of each PSN-accesible device at the same time?


Also, is there any word on whether or not something like this will be possible for the PS4?


Thanks a million.



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Re: PSN purchases across multiple devices

Jun 29, 2013

A Playstation console must be "activated" for game content under a PSN account, in order for games or add-ons purchased by that PSN account to be downloaded to it.  You can activate two consoles of each platform (PS3, PSP, PS Vita), at a time for game content.  If you want to activate a different console, and you already have two activated, then you have to "deactivate" one of the current ones.  When the console is deactivated under a PSN account, any content downloaded to it by that account will no longer work.  

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