Dec 29 2011
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PSN on after logging in

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i am currently deployed to iraq and the internet we pay for here requires us to open a web browser to sign in to use the internet. once you do that you can play computer games online and use applications as normal. so i connected with my ps3 and tried the same i can log in on the browser and surf the net but i cannot connect to psn to get online game play. is there any way to sign in on this network and use psn. or to sign in on the ps3 without the web browser. the ports are not blocked according to the ISP and they dont know to much about gaming and port blocking. they say some people have had success. i get a dns error sometimes when i try to bridge my laptop with ps3. i have tried crossover and straight thru cables..anyone know the correct one for a bridge for this type of success? i have tried using my laptops dns didnt work. im at a dead end and need help. ps3 is a good stress reliever and those who play knows the wonders it brings. thanks for any help or ideas.

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