Sep 22 2013
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PSN not working on PS3

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For 3 days now the PSN has been constantly signing me out. I am growing increasingly frustrated SONY. I almost always purchase games through the PSN store, GTA5 is no exception. However, I haven't been able to download it because the PSN keeps either not allowing me to sign in, or it, continuously signs me out for no reason. And, as I am currently typing this on my laptop using my WIFI the problem is not on my end. Also I just purchased this PS3 the day the Last of us came out because my launch model had failed. Considering the fact that it is barely 3 months old and has shown no issues up to this point, I would be extremely upset if a part of it had failed. Currently I am unable to download GTA 5 even though I have purchased it from the digital store on the PSN. I am also unable to play FFXIV because I have had little to no access to the PSN for 3 days. I live in Canada please fix this SONY Smiley Happy

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Re: PSN not working on PS3

Sep 22, 2013

So most of us in the forums are video game players just like you. There are some employees here but for the most part we're players of PS3. Anyways though, I had the same issue on my PS3. Open ports on your router and see if that resolves your issue. That's what customer support said and it seemed to work for the most part. Here's the link to the support article:


If you have any games that do this when playing then I'd recommend opening ports for them too. Go to the support sites of theirs such as EA and Activision and look up ports in the search box. Hope this helps!

Hope this helped!

Keep on gaming!!!
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