Jul 04 2012
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PSN not connecting

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Hey, the past few days everytime I turn on my PS3 or try to connect to the PSN, it always claims the IP times out. The wireless works just fine for my 3DS so I know it isn't the router itself, and even if it was the fault of the wireless, using an ethernet cable doesn't do anything either. Is this a known issue with a known solution or did something ridiculous, like my PS3's modem crap out, happen?

Any help at all would be appreciated, and I would be fully complient in giving any necessary information to get this fixed.



Well now the IP finally isn't timing out but it's gone back to the test page showing everything working but when it gets to the Playstation Network on the list, it fails.


edit 2:

Well, now it's finally fully working. Apparently it didn't want to love me until I made a new password.

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