Jul 28 2013
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PSN issues, password and billing

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I've had a PS3 and account for 5 years and have never had an issue. Today I'm trying to buy a game throughthe PS Store and am hitting trouble.


First, it was using an old expired CC. I went to update my billing info in the PS3 and i couldnt log in. Maybe i forgot my password so i went online using my PC to the PSN, reset my password and log in. The password works for both the PSN website and the Sony Media website.


Two things are now wrong:


1. On the Sony Media website, i can log in and all is fine. I updated my credit card info. However, if i go to add funds to wallet, it doesn't work. Says 'Currently unable to add funds to wallet, try again later' or somethign to that effect.


2. On the PS3, during item checkout, it asks if i want to use  a credit card. I see that it is the new updated CC, but it does not work. If i try to access my billing info on the PS3, it prompts me to enter my password, but my new password doesn't work. It doesn't say invalid password, it just prompts me to enter again and again. I AM logged into my PSN account though so the new password at least works there.


Any ideas? **bleep**?

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Re: PSN issues, password and billing

Jul 30, 2013

Hi dannydigital,


The links below may be of some assistance.


Here is a support page with common credit card issues on the PSN


Add / remove billing (credit card) information






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Re: PSN issues, password and billing

Jul 31, 2013

Your card is not maxed out is it?


Did you try restarting the ps3? Then enter the new password.

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