Jul 21 2012
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PSN error code 80028E01 PLEASE HELP

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Every night I try to get on for the past two weeks and i get this message: An Error Occured You Have Been Signed Out Of Playstation Network (80028E01). Also I could be playing and I just get signed out. Please help. Ive tried literally everything. Ive changed my DNS numbers, turned off my router and modem for over 30 minutes, you name it. Fixing this is extrmemley important to me because i play competative gaming, sometimes for money and getting signed out means getting a loss.

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Re: PSN error code 80028E01 PLEASE HELP

Jul 21, 2012

Are you using a proxy? If so bypassing it has helped others.       LAST POST ON HERE


Are you on a wired connection? I believe wired is more stable, in fact back in the day I used wireless and had issues. I called sony and they said I shouldnt download any games or firmware updates wirelessly.


You can also contact sony: 1-800-345-SONY.

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