Dec 19 2012
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PSN download won't install

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Hey everyone, just had a real quick question.


So last night, I bought and downloaded Catherine. It downloaded throughout the night and started installing this morning. Everything went smoothly until the install bar got to 92%. Then it just stopped. After waiting for about a half hour for it to start again, and because I wasn't able to exit out of the installation, I unplugged and replugged my PS3. (I know, I know) After letting it run safe mode, I tried to install Catherine again, and it stops at 92% AGAIN. So does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this? i really don't like shelling out $20 for this game and not being able to play it.


Thanks for any help.

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Re: PSN download won't install

Dec 19, 2012

|Welcome to the PS Community.


It looks like the file got corrupted during the download [data pockets got lost during the trasmission, etc] Delete the file from your system & redownload it from the PSN Store but this time over a wired connection.


To redownload the game go to: Sign In/Account Management/Transaction Management/Download List

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