Nov 04 2012
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PSN disconnect every hour on the dot.

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I've been searching forums and answers for days, trying various ways to eliminate this disconnect problem, but nothing is working.


Every hour, at :24mins past the hour, without fail, PSN signs out.

I'm able to immediately sign back in, but if I'm playing online, I have a 1 hour time limit until the next disconnect.


I've tried both wired and wireless.

I've reset and reloaded my modem and router with factory settings and applied firmware updates.

No other device connected to the network is timing out.

I've turned off all other wireless and wired devices to see if it was something booting me off PSN, nothing.

I've used manual settings and placed my PS3 ip address in DMZ on my router.


I've really run out of answers and patience, I'm looking for some actual, real support here.

Thanks in advance.

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