Jun 22 2012
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PSN card i got for Christmas wont work! HELP

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So got a 50 dollar card for christmas, went on my ps3, put it in.... It asks "would you like to add 50 to your acount" i say yes and it says i cant! WHY THE HELL NOT!

I tried it every day for about a week and then got angry and emailed costmer suport and after about 5 days they emailed me syaing that they cant give me anything unlees i have the reciept. Thankfully i knew where it was bought so i went to the toysrus and had them print a reciept out for me. i then went through another 5 day process of waiting and the said "our systems show your card isnt activated."


So now, over 6 months later, I decided i want battlefeild premium! Oh yeah i can try again with that card! SO taday i emailed costmer services, and the first oerson to help me was so helpfull and nice i was pleased. the second not so much. But long story short they still tell me its inactive.

I dont care if its not active i just want my freking money!

I need advice on how to get them to help me!

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Re: PSN card i got for Christmas wont work! HELP

Jun 22, 2012

So the receipt says activated but Sony CS are saying it's not activated, in it, correct?

If it is indeed activated the card should work fine, if it's not then it won't, will toys-r-us exchange the card for a new one perhaps?

A couple of things come to mind however, firstly there was maintenance today on the network which "may" have prevented the funds from being added, secondly trying the card over & over again sometimes blocks the card because the system thinks you're just trying various numbers to get it to work.


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