Jul 18 2012
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PSN beta voucher code error.

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- Entered beta voucher code at the PSN store, and attempted to download beta.

- Recieved error message "not enough disk space."

- Cleared some disk space by deleting some old game data.

- Returned to PSN store to find (1) nothing in shopping cart, and (2) beta not listed in previous downloads.

- Re-entered beta voucher code to recieve "code may no longer be active" error.



Customer service was not able to help me reactivate the code. What the heck do I do now?

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Re: PSN beta voucher code error.

Jul 18, 2012



Which Beta did you receive?


  One thing you could try is viewing your Download History, it should be there if the code was entered. But as you've posted; you did exactly that but you receive an error during the download process and now you cannot redownload the beta. Strange.


You could then check your Services List under "Account Management" > "Transaction Management" > "Services List" to see if the beta is listed within there. It should be titled "" by Sony Computer Entertainment America. That would be proof the voucher was used moreorless.


Never heard of this issue before, but if somehow the voucher was "killed' because of the error, you could always try messaging one of the LittleBIGPlanet Developers - assuming this is the beta you've received. That's the most recent beta I am aware of at least.




Good luck,


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