Jan 20 2013
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PSN account seems to be gone?

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I guess i should start by saying i honestly dont remember what email i used for my PSN account.


My boy plays my PS3 for the most part.  Yes i have problems with him "exploring" the wrong part of the the PS3 features like the Options list.  So i came into my room to find my PS3 system i can only guess "restored to default settings".


The Problem is not so much all the data removed but now the PSN account i used seems to be nonexistent.


I have too many emails it is true however i only use one email for -important- accounts like my only PSN account.  However as a test i was able to create a new profile with said email.  My ID tag was redrivercouple which it seems is still in use.  So that means my account still exists right?


I guess it means nothing to say my password wouldnt work or my birthdate wouldnt allow me to reset my password if i have the wrong email.


So I think all i can ask is if someone is able to figure out what email is attached to my redrivercouple account, if the account was banned, or information changed recently. 


If someone can help me recover my PSN account that would be great.  I did put money into my account and would love not to lose the games i bought.


If prefered please contact me by email.

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Re: PSN account seems to be gone?

Jan 20, 2013
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Re: PSN account seems to be gone?

Jan 21, 2013

Alrighty then ill try that path tyvm Ne1

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