May 19 2012
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PSN Won't accept my pre-paid card, says down for maintenance

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How long are these maintenance windows and is there ever any status?

I've had the most terrible experience trying to buy stuff from PSN.

Over a week ago I added my Credit Card info and bought 2 DLCs no problem.  Then 3 days ago I tried to buy some more but it said my Credit Card information was invalid (IT HADN'T CHANGED!!).

I read all about this on the internet from threads going back to 2007.

Anyway, I tried 3 different credit cards and nothing worked.

So I went to the store for their "Workaround" to buy the PSN pre-paid cards. I bought two and just tried to enter them both on the PS3 and on the website.  It won't take them and says the server is down for maintenance with NO information.

Is Sony going to wise up and figure their stuff out or do I have to go to Xbox?

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