Oct 13 2013
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PSN Text Chat Alt layout glitch?

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So I was in the middle of playing GTA5 Online and I go to join a PSN Text Chat I set up for me and some friends when we play GTA. I join the chat but a different layout was presented? It was identical to the usual one but had an extra tab on the bottom with a PlayStation Plus symbol by it and there were 4 1x1inch boxes at the top. I wish I would have snapped a picture but I didn't. The chat said no one was in it (including me) so i backed out and tryed to re-enter. Doing so brought up the normal layout. It still says no one is in the chat. I tryed to leave the chat but it gives error (FFFFFFF) which is strange. The layout loked cool and I wouldn't mind using it. Is that a feature I didn't know about or did my chat just glitch? I asked a friend and he said the same thing happened to him a few months back.
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