Mar 07 2011
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PSN Sub Account to Master account?

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Okay, I am not the first to think of this idea. In fact, I found some forums and blogs dating back to 2008 that mentioned this idea. The idea is this:

PSN Sub Accounts should be promoted to Master account status when the user comes of age. I was stupid and was honest about my age, and because of this I ran into a snag. About 2 years after a dead PS3 I bought a Slim and reopend my PSN account on it. On Feb 16th (or 18th?) 2011 Sony released a new Terms of Servive Agreement that all master accounts need to accept for sub accounts to be used. I can not remember the long lost and long forgotten master account and now I can never log into my PSN account again even though I am 18. I called the support service, was put on hold for 10 - 15 min, just to have a guy tell me to make a new account and suck it up. Somehow we need to get the word out to SCEA about this idea.

They should have done it from the beginnig, but it would have made sense, so they didn't. Now those who want an account with no strings attached have to make an entirely new account and start from scratch as far as trophies and DLC goes. Even if you're 25, your account (if it is a sub account) will still be managed by your parents' account which is entirely ridiculous. I have phoned and messaged SCEA repeatedly but in all honesty they don't seem to care at all and just brush this problem aside with no effort to even look into it. The way SCEA disregards its customers is asinine and they need to start fixing this flaw, because kids don't stay kids forever and some of us would like to hold on to our digital property and achievements.

Please give some feedback on this message so we can get somewhere with Sony, because thanks to them I can kiss my friend list and trophies goodbye.

until Sony fixes this  - put the word out to future playstation owners to lie about their age (if under 18) because Sony is run by morons.

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