Dec 05 2013
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PSN Store Price

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I live in Israel and I want to buy FIFA 14, on the American website it says the price is 60$ which is equal to 210 ILS, while on the Israeli website and my PS4 it says it costs 335 ILS which is 90$!
Why the price in ILS is 50% more expensive than the price in dollars? How can I get it for the lower price?
Thanks anyway

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Re: PSN Store Price

Dec 5, 2013

You have posted in the North American forums that are made up of Playstation users just like you.  We do not have any knowledge or control over pricing in the PSN store.


As was seen with the price difference for the PS4 in Brazil versus the US/Canada import tariffs have a huge impact on price.  It may be the same for digital content as licensing laws vary all over the world.

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