Feb 20 2012
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PSN Mass Effect 2 purchase issue? (Error code 80029564)

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So 3 days ago I made the dreadful mistake of Buying Mass Effect 2 on PSN, thinking that it would be nice to play it on the PS3 in preperation for the Mass Effect 3 release. Instead I got so much headaches, and about 60GBs of wasted Downloads.

When I bought the game, and downloaded it, all was smooth, but while trying to install the game, it would always show Error code 80029564 at about %14. I thought it was maybe an error with my connection while downloading, so I downloaded it again, and again and again, nothing changed. Eventually I decided to redownload it using the PSN menu -I was using the Download history to download it in the other attempts-, So I looked for it in the Full games section, but couldn't find it ( Could find all the DLC though ), So I decided to use the search function, there it found the game, but when I tried to open the page, it showed me this: "This Content cannot be accessed on your account." Which is pretty weird, It also doesn't show that I bought it (Red bag with the PSN logo on it, next to the icon).

I thought that I may have not purchased it correctly, but again, my Wallet funding prove otherwise, plus, the Cerberus pack had that logo next to it. Tried calling EA, and they proved no help at all, and PSN support just put me on hold for an hour, hoping I may get some help here, instead.

Thank you in Advance.

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Re: PSN Mass Effect 2 purchase issue? (Error code 80029564)

Feb 20, 2012

That error message indicates that there is something wrong with the download file.  That has a small chance of happening with any Playstation Store download; but if it happens repeatedly, then there is a System or network problem.  The first thing that you need to determine is how consistent the problem is.  You said that the DLC installed successfully, so that would suggest that the PS3 System is not the problem.  The difficulty only seems to be happening with larger files.  The likely cause of that is errors in your network connection, specifically corrupted packets. These can happen at any time, but the odds are low unless there is something seriously wrong with your network.  Smaller files will typically download without a problem, but Mass Effect 2 is several gigabytes, which is large for an Internet download.  If just one packet, has a single byte corrupted, the entire install file is no good. The network protocols used by the Playstation Network don't have error detection and correction to prevent corruption. Not everyone has an Internet connection that can download a file of several gigabytes without any errors, and for most types of downloads, a couple of errors isn't even noticeable. You can try downloading some full-game trials of other Blu-ray PS3 games from the Playstation Store, to see if the problem is specific to Mass Effect 2.  If you get the same error with other similar size downloads, then the problem is likely in the network. Not your PS3 or the Playstation Store. In that case your best options is probably to buy PS3 games on disk.  There is nothing that can do about errors in your ISPs network.  Changing your broadband router might help if that is the problem, but it probably won't.

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