Oct 31 2011
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PSN ID on PS3 different than

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Hi all,

I've had my PS3 for about a year now and have always used one ID for online play.  I recently began logging on to EA, Origin, and because I got the new Battlefield game.  I know I've had this playstation account for a while now online, back when I had my PS2 and didn't play games online with a console.  But my online account name is different than my name I use for online play because when I got my playstation I just made a new account.  I don't understand how this is possible because I used the same email and password on my playstation as I did online because I forgot about my online account and ID.  I know its the original ID I used when I signed up for all those years ago, but I need to change it to my actual PSN name because EA is saying my old account name is the one I'm using.

Its really frustrating and I think its why I cannot log onto to access my battlefield stats and my clan.

So, is there any way to change my old username to my actual PSN game ID?

What should I do? Delete my account online and remake it with the correct name?  Would it connect to my game account then?

I just don't understand why it doesn't notice that I'm using the same email address for both accounts.  I figure it would have told me that email was already taken.  Or at least link both of my PSN accounts to EA and Origin.

Thanks ahead of time,


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