Dec 21 2013
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PSN Friends List not adding properly.

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I've just had a couple problems with adding new friends, I'll try and list them, but these are all seperate and not linked with the same person.


1.  I sent a friend request, the other person recieved it, and it was on my list as pending. But when she tried to add my request it told her they couldnt add as they had reached a 100 limit. After it prevented them from adding me I checked my list and the pending was still there. I couldnt resend a request until I had deleted the pending one on my list. She then received it okay and the add went through okay.


2.  I sent two requests to add, and they appeared to go through, but I had no pending icons on my list. I didnt know if they were recieved by them or not. Later I checked, and they were on my friends list, but at no time were they ever pending.


I have read on the Forums a couple of people debating that requests were sent and that the other ignored, so I'm wondering if they werent ignored, but there is a fundamental problem with Friend Requests at the moment.


Please could you have a look into this. Thankyou Smiley Happy

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Re: PSN Friends List not adding properly.

Dec 21, 2013
Hi, just to add to this, it looks like the issues happen when either you or the friend your trying to add are at the 100 friend list number.

And to clarify, I don't have PS+, but one that tried to add does. I don't know if that makes a difference.
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