Mar 22 2013
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PSN (Ethernet cable not connected) error

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Ps3 connects to psn while on xmb, but as soon as I try and connect to a game server it disconnects me with this "Ethernet cable not connected" error. I can connect to other games servers without a problem but it's this particular game I can't connect with. 



- Restarted my router multiple times

- Restarted my console, let it cool down

- Booted up in safe mode and restored to default settings

- Tried a different ethernet cable

- Tried different DNS servers

 and none of these worked.

Internet connection test passes with everything.

If you need to see exactly what's going on, here's a video:

Been trying to fix this problem for about a week now with no success, if you have any advice even if you don't know a solution please comment.

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