May 17 2011
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PSN Error...

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I didn't know where to post this and would like someone from sony to look into this.. I just got a error code stating that someone has Just logged into the playstation network with my Name.. It also Froze my game and made me go back to the main screen ( online ) while playing COD Black ops.. Now I changed my password and Email addy I was woundering how can this be ?? Should I disregard the message and if it keeps on happening just ignore it ??

Kind of shocked that I got the message saying that.. just wanted point it out just incase you guys didn't know.. Was also woundering if this has happened to anyone

else besides me..

I guess I will get back to playing a little black ops in the mean time..

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Re: PSN Error...

May 20, 2011

so timeline this out...

You were playing, locked up, ggot kicked to the main titel and then it said someone was loggedin as you already?

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