Jan 04 2013
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PSN Disconnected during game, now can't connect

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I was playing Mass Effect 3 Online with my wife and another friend when the game suddenly froze on wave 10, said I lost connection with the ME server, then booted me out completely to the main screen. A few moments later, my wife also got disconnected from the server. I then sent a message to my friend and when I went to read his reply the message screen STARTED to show up but then froze and I had to restart the system from the controller. After the restart, I was unable to connect to PSN at all. I'm a little frustrated as I was hoping to get a few rounds in before work and now I can't even connect at all... VERY frustrating... First the PSN Store was messed up last night and now the PSN in general for us... Any insight on this issue would be great!!!
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