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Re: PSN Connection Issues

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Oct 30, 2012

RuffTactics wrote:

I need sony to acknowledge something or its bye bye PS3....My xbox has been working fine this whole time. SMH get it together sony and stop feeding us that bull thats its our connection. It's not a coincidence everyone is on here posting at the same time lol

LOL potatobreath mad 



They ALWAYS bring up the "Oh it your connection blah blah blah" everything else works perfectly except the PS3. They know the screwed up they just wont admit it. " An update doesnt cause these problems blah blah blah" Oh really? So why did this BS all happen when update 4.25 came out hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?


I been on the computer all day why you ask? Hmm lemme think oh yea because my internet works on anything else but the PS3. Yup 




Stop everything else and focus and fixing this NOW!!!



Oh and calling customer support WUT!!! ROFL what are they going to do huh? They aint gonna do nuthing

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Re: PSN Connection Issues

Oct 31, 2012

I too have been having very strange moments/connection issues with my PS3 for the last 2 or 3 days now. I have been having a terrible time joining and staying online matches with some of my favorite shooters like Killzone 3 and Battefield 3, heck It takes longer just to get onto PlayStation Home which I use often as well (I know PS Home can be slow, but for me it's ALOT slower than usual). I cannot stay within chatrooms that well either... whatever I say, It takes about 10 seconds for others to hear what I have to say. One really weird thing happened just the other day, a message poped up saying unregistered usb device located (several times I might add) and then I had noticed none of my controllers or headset were charging. I had to turn off my PS3 a few times just to get my devices charging again. I really doubt it's my internet as I noticed my signal strength is 80% (by going to my settings on the PSN) and I have no issues using my home computer or other devices.


Im in the area where Hurrican Sandy had hit so maybe it has something to do with my very slow connectivity over the PSN, but Im unsure and some feedback would be much appriciated on this.

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