Jan 20 2013
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PSN Card Problem

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My Country: Barbados (A Country Not Listed on countries/regions thingie that sony supports)

My PSN Account: USA

Additional Info: Been buying Psn Cards for Years never had a problem until now.



I bought 3 psn cards (a 50us and two 20us cards) all of which weren't working. All of them had the same error after asking to put funds on my wallet. I tried many times thinking it was a network issue until 2 of the cards work (the 50us and one of the 20s)


so I eventually I gave up on the last card and decided to contact sony knowing full well the moment they knew I was outside the Regions listed they would refused to help me and send me a message saying to wait until service is in my region... My country been bring in sony products from the USA as far back as I could remember I'm 27 years old now... I don't think it's coming to my country anytime soon.


So after tech support did a check they said the card isn't activated that I have to return it to my retailer and have them activate it for me.


I was lost... First time I ever heard of such a thing, neither did the store I bought it from... because most companies here order stuff from the internet  or go overseas and bring them into the island to sell. So we don't have a swipe machine to activate the card.


In the end he had to contact his supplier and I think it's 5 days now and no response.


So I went back to sony online support and told them where I'm from in hopes that I speak to someone who was will to help and guess what I got the same email that I was getting since 2003 about waiting until service reach my region blah blah blah.


I'm really stomp here my boss said there is something that can be done but it's a long process of me being transfer to the correct department in order to get this resolved...


So anyone know where I should go from here?

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