Jul 11 2013
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PSN/BO2 problem

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For a week now I been signed out while playing Bo2. In other times it keeps saying there are 0 matches found. When I do join a match it takes forever in the loading screen and then takes me back to the main menu and says "lost connection to host"
When I check my connection it says 100%

How do I fix it or do I report it Sony or Tyrach
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Re: PSN/BO2 problem

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Jul 12, 2013

The wireless strength indicator in the PS3 is notoriously inaccurate, and frequently reports a 100% signal when the actual signal is inadequate.  You can't rely on it.  Wireless strength could still be your problem, but it could also be related to network latency; which isn't related to your home network, and is not necessarily something that your ISP can control.  If network latency is the problem, then there is nothing that Sony or Activision can do about it.  The game won't work properly unless your PS3 returns packets within the latency tolerance.  If it doesn't, then the game servers have to drop you, or the game will be broken for everyone in the match.  You may need to work with your ISP, or even change ISPs.

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