Jan 03 2014
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PSN Account Hacked

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Hello i have a problem with my account on psn i cannot play online on Call Of Duty: Black Ops Or Black ops 2. Before this happend i was playing online with my friends on Call Of Duty Black Ops, i played two matches after the last match we exited to the lobby. We were all waiting on a friend to join in the lobby, all of a sudden i get a message saying i have been signed out of playstation network. I press the playstation 3 logo on my Controller it says im still online, i try to join back in to play online then a message pops up saying "Call of Duty Black Ops servers are down please try again later." My friends are still playing online but i cannot play, i went online to see what was wrong with my account i look up on my account all of my trophies are gone and my friends have been deleted but when im on my ps3 they're still all there. I reformated my ps3, Still the same thing. If anybody or anyone can help me with this or tell me i will be grateful. Thank you.




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