Dec 25 2012
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PS3 won't allow sign-in

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I had a PSN account linked to a certain email adress, i wanted to create another PSN account so it would have be linked to that certain email adress instead. so after creating the second account, i singed in to the first PSN account, changed the email adress to another one that i have, and then signed in to the new PSN account and inputed the email adress to be the intial one that the older PSN account had.


all of this was done using internet on PC.

however, when i wanted to sign into my new PSN account using my PS3, i inputted the email adress and the password correctly. except that a message came and said "you cannot sign in using another user's signin-ID (email adress). as if the playstationnetwork database was not updated yet with the changes ive made using my pc.


deseperate for a solution, i changed the email adress of the second PSN account into a 3rd email adress that has nothing to do with the first 2. but it still gives me the same message when signing in. help?? i just want to sign into the new account ive made.


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Re: PS3 won't allow sign-in

Dec 25, 2012

nevermind people, i solved the issue by creating a new user from the BMX screen, thanks anyway.

although im not sure how to delete this post

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