Oct 02 2012
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PS3 wireless connection very laggy

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Okay.. this has been ridiculous and it hasn't fixed itself in the least. My wireless connection to my router used to work perfectly, no lag, it was wonderful before. Now, whenever I try to sign into the PSN it either doesn't work, or it takes 30-40+ seconds to sign in.

If it does let me sign in.. its laggy as hell. It won't even let me load the PS store. It'll let me play, for example, modern warfare 3, but with extreme lag.. to the point where its unbearable.

However..when I plug it directly into my router with a wired connection it works just fine.. back to having no lag. Lets me access the store, etc, just fine..


I would much rather not have to be forced to use a wire because its a trip hazard in my house and.. the pets are a little to curious.

I changed absolutely no settings in my router for it to suddenly cause my ps3's connection to lag wirelessly.

So I don't understand what is going wrong.. I will admit, it started happening around the same time as the dreaded 4.25 update most people are hating... Anyways..any help or advice is welcome, I've tried many things already though.. Smiley Sad ~Thank you

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