Oct 01 2013
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PS3 using very low bandwidth

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Hi, I have recently purchased GTA5 on playstation network and when I went to download it I noticed it was moving extremely slowly ( 250mb downloaded after 5 hours) 

I have a 60mb/s download speed, currently downloading over wifi. tried a hardwire connection but the download speed is still the same

 Wondering if anyone has any ideas why this is happening / how to fix



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Re: PS3 using very low bandwidth

Oct 1, 2013

For starters can you run the connection test on the ps3.


Just so you know there may be thousands of people downloading the same file so it will cause there server to be slow.


I have a 100mb download speed but will never achieve that speed because people resrict there servers to a certain amount of bandwidth so the server won't crash.

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