Nov 16 2013
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PS3 to PS4 upgrade question and losing downloaded PS3 Games

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Hi I am planning on buying a PS4 in the near future and I read previously you could redownload your digital PS3 games and NOW on Sony's site it states it won't play PS3 games.


Does that mean I can't redownload my PS3 digital games and movies and if so will I get refunds for them?


Or the PS4 just won't play PS3 disc based games?





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Re: PS3 to PS4 upgrade question and losing downloaded PS3 Games

Nov 16, 2013
PS4 cannot play PS3 games at all whether disc based or downloaded. You will be able to play PS3/PS2/PS1 games through Gaikai streaming sometime later next year.

For the PS3 to PS4 upgrade: If you bought the disc of an upgradeable game, there will be a code with it which you can redeem to avail the 10$ upgrade offer. You can then download the game onto your PS4 to start playing. But you will still need the original PS3 disc for verification. If you have bought the downloadable PSN version of the game on PS3, then no disc is needed. You can simply buy the PS4 version for 10$.
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