Oct 11 2013
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PS3 online connection

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My gaming connection has been laggy and dropping all the time.  I connect thru a router and have also tried connecting directly to the PS3, and nothing seems to help.  I've also tried new ethernet cables and nothing has seemed to help.


My router is pretty old but I'm only semi-sold on the router being the issue because, as I mentioned, the connection isn't great even going directly to the console.  I used to have a good connection for online gaming but it's steadily worsened over the last year.  It's not bad on my pc or phone wi-fi.


Last night I reset my modem and reconfigured my router/connection, checked for updates in firmware, etc.  My internet for my pc seems a bit faster, but the PS3 connection has gotten even worse.  What can I do?

I looked at some things online about creating a devoted IP address for your PS3, but I don't think I have all the info I'd need to do it, and I'm concerned the process might be a bit complex for me--I'd hate to end up having NO PS3 connection at all, because I messed something up.


I'd appreciate any legitimate suggestions/advice.  My next thing I'm thinking about is trying another (much newer) router, but I'm still not sure how much of the problem is my router.

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Re: PS3 online connection

Oct 11, 2013

What game and what's your nat setting?


Also, check out 'port-forwarding. com', they have vast lists of routers and provide port info for most of the games that have been around for a while. The site is user friendly and does provide step by step info on reconfiguring most routers.


Also, there are routers that are geared to gaming. I dont have one but a few of my buds upgraded and said they made enough of a difference to warrant the purchase. I would hold off buying a new unit until you have exhausted some other possible remedies.


Are there other devices connected to your router and are they in use when you are online?


There is a ton of other variables but this is where I'd start.

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