Mar 02 2013
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PS3 fails to obtain my IP adress on a regular basis - please help!

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So, for the past couple of weeks, my PS3 has been having issues obtaining my IP address. I would have this issue every couple of weeks, but after I recently re-arranged my room, it happens every day, usually multiple times a day. It's starting to **bleep** me off.

Usually, all it took was setting up my connection through the custom option and disabling UPnP. Sometimes I'd have to unplug my wifi range extender and plug it back in. Now I'm restricted to unplug the extender and plug it back in every time this happens.

This is a huge nuisance since the extender is kind of difficult to get to, so doing it multiple times a day is annoying.

What kind of info would I need to provide to make a solution easier to come up with? I'm very derp when it comes to modems, routers and that sort of thing.

Thank you

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