Jan 21 2013
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PS3 doesn't connect to wireless

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Hello, this is a relatively common issue but I've looked for the solution all over the internet and couldn't solve it, I hope somebody will help me here.

I have a PS3 for a year and a half now, it used to connect normally to the internet on its first months but suddenly it doesn't anymore. What sometimes happens is that it connects, but lasts for a couple of minutes, 15 minutes maximum and then wireless goes off again. My wi-fi works normally on my imac and macbook and on my cellphone too. I own a linksys router.

Once the connection fails I always try to reset the configurations and on the internet test it always get stuck on "exchanging key information", failing right after. I've tried everything: reseting my router, changing my router's channel, changing router's frequency, disabling firewall, disabling uPnP, changing from WPA2 to WEP, but nothing seems to work. Please help, I don't have a clue of what could be the reason for this.

Thank you in advance, and I hope my english doesn't suck Smiley Tongue

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