Jun 11 2013
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PS3 User Account has the wrong PSN account tied to it.

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Ok, so here is the back story.  While I was on deployment I purchased a new PS3 for my wife to play while I was gone and for me to enjoy when I finally got back.  When she got it she created a User on the new system and me, being the loving husband that I am, suggested that she log in to PSN and download a few of her favorite PS1 games since I had some money left in my PSN wallet that I wasn't using at the moment.  Now I am home, have created my own User on the PS3, played some Borderlands 2 with my wife, and played a couple of other games as well.  Now when I tried to log in to my PSN Account from my User Account on the PS3 I am unable to do so.  From what I am gathering the only way to do this would be to delete my wife's User and then I would be able to use my PSN Account with my User.  Here is where I run into a problem.  There is no way of doing this and saving my wife's saved games because when I try to make another User account to move her saved games to the games give me an error saying that the saved games can not be played by this User Account.  Is there anything I can do or am I just SOL?  


Side question:  Since we only have the one PS3 and just a user for myself and my wife is there any way that she can play the purchased games from PSN on her User Account without having to be on mine?

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Re: PS3 User Account has the wrong PSN account tied to it.

Jun 12, 2013

Any game saves for PS3 games that your wife created under your PSN account are essentially your game saves.  There is no way for them to be transferred to another PSN account for her to use.  It was never actually necessary for her to play under your PSN account in the first place, although it is no surprise that she did not know that. Once a game is downloaded and installed, any PS3 user profile on the console can play it.  Not just the one that purchased it.  The same goes for single player DLC, themes, videos, and most other Playstation Store content; except for avatars, and subscriptions like Playstation Plus.  Your wife could have downloaded the games using your PSN account, and then created another PS3 User, signed up for Playstation Network with an account of her own, and then played the games under her own PSN account.  She can still do that, but it won't affect PS3 game saves that she already created.  PS1 Classic game saves can be exported to a USB storage device (using the Export command in the option menu of the save data) under your user profile, and then imported to a virtual memory card under your wife's user profile. PS1 Classics don't support PSN, so they are not tied to the PSN account that created them.

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