May 31 2013
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PS3 Static IP Issues

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My NAT in COD:BO2 was MODERATE. I changed my IP address to static via PS3 network setting's, PC adapter setting's and port forwarding in my router. My NAT is OPEN.

Now I am having conflict issues with my PC-PS3 having the same IP. I can only use one online at a time .

I tried putting one in the same SUBNET I think ,  .1.20/.1.18 but that changed my  NAT to MODERATE. Tried with UPnP enabled/disabled.                                                                                       

Help please? Thank You.


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Re: PS3 Static IP Issues

May 31, 2013

As you have already sort of discovered, Open NAT basically means no NAT at all.  Each host has its own public IP address.  Your problem is that your ISP only assigns one public IP address at a time to each broadband router, so you can't have multiple devices online at the same time using most broadband connections, unless you use the NAT gateway feature of your router.  If you use the NAT gateway of the router, then the best you can get is moderate NAT.  Game developers are aware of this, so there are no major PS3 games that require an Open NAT to play online.  Moderate should be good enough, and Open NAT won't give you any real advantage. You don't need an Open NAT to play Black Ops 2 online.

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