Jan 01 2013
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PS3 Slow Speeds With FiOs

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Hello all, I recently switched to Verizon FiOs after getting sick of Optimum. Before, on Optimum, my internet speed was about 15Mbps. This was confirmed on SpeedTest and also the PS3's own speed test. Upload speeds were generic 2Mbps. After switching to FiOs, on my PC, the speeds are about 40-60Mbps. Now that is a huge difference, and quite fast. Even on 15Mbps, I wouldn't complain about lag, or slow download speeds. However, my PS3 runs only at 2-6Mbps down and 5Mbps up. 


This is beginning to frustrate me, because I can't play many games online, and I can't watch Netflix in HD. The distance between my PS3 and the router is one room apart and I have 100% connection to it. Running an ethernet cable isn't my option because I want to understand WHY in the blue hell my PS3 has to be so slow. UpNp is available, my NAT is Type 2, and as far as I know, whoever installed the router had put the right settings, seeing that there are 3 PS3s and an Xbox in this house.


Someone, please explain to me what the issue is here. I understand the PS3's wifi is complete trash, but even at 15Mbps, I'd be fine. Not 2Mbps and 800kbps like I have right now. 


Thanks in advanced.

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Re: PS3 Slow Speeds With FiOs

Feb 6, 2013

I to have Fios internet speed of 50/25 and seem the playstation network gives me only around 2/3. Netflix HD seem to be running slow also and takes awhile to load. I never had this problem couple months ago. Now is just lags all the time.

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