Oct 24 2011
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PS3 NFL Sunday Ticket: WORST buying experience of all time

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I ordered the NFL Sunday Ticket service as it said on the order screen "$84.99 for 4 months", making it sound as if you received 4 months of service for $84.95. It should have read "$84.99/mo for 4 months". Obviously for that price, you may as well sign up for DirecTV, but $85 for the whole NFL season seemed like a fair deal.

Of course, the first day of service, it didn't work. At all. So I started looking online and found it wasn't working for anyone. Also, I found, it was $85 a month, not $85 for 4 months as the order screen had mislead me into thinking.

So I immediately called customer service. A recording said if I was calling about NFL Sunday ticket, they were working on it and I should hang up. Of course, I didn't hang up and eventually got through. I told the agent I wanted to cancel the service, to have the purchase price refunded, and that I wanted it refunded directly to my credit card, and not to my PSN wallet. They told me "We understand sir, that should not be a problem."

A week later I received an email saying instead of refunding my money, they were giving me a credit of $24.95 to use toward my next month of NFL Sunday Ticket service. It's like I went to a restaurant, ordered a steak, and instead of steak, they gave me a plate of garbage. I told them "I don't want to pay for this garbage", so they gave me a coupon towards my next steak.

So, I disputed the charge with my credit card company, and got the money back. But, low and behold, a month later they charge my card $84.95 again. So I have to call customer service and waste another 25 minutes on the phone talking to two different agents, both of whom accuse me of never having canceled the service. So, is it more likely that I completely imagined making a phone call telling them I wanted the service canceled immediately, or that the customer service agent I talked to mistakenly never canceled it? They also told me "Do not dispute this with your credit card company or your PSN account will be terminated." Are they threatening me? Do I not have a right to try to get back money they erroneously took from my credit card?

Eventually they did refund my money (after a week, they had to run it by their supervisor of course), with no apology or admission of their mistake, and to add insult to injury they sent along a note reading:

We have reviewed your case and as a one time gesture of goodwill, your credit card has been refunded in the amount of $84.99.

Please note, according to PlayStation® Network (PSN) terms of service and user agreement, all users should safeguard their account information to prevent use by any other user.  SCEA shall have no liability for any unauthorized usage of a PSN account.  SCEA will not be able to refund your account again.

So, if they mistakenly charge my card again, they will not refund my money again. I already know they are incompetent and cannot be trusted to cancel subscriptions, they charge you even when they admit their services don't work, and they believe the customer is always wrong. After spending probably close to $1000 with Playstation I expect to be treated better as a customer.

In 15 years of having a credit card I have never done a charge back until now, I rarely complain about service and I feel bad if I have to return something I've bought to a store. I tip 15% even if the service is terrible, and 20% if it's just OK. In short, I am generally pretty laid back and forgiving regarding poor service or underperforming products. But this will be my last dealing with the PSN.

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