Jan 04 2012
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PS3 Media, Control & Networking.

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I posted this elsewhere on the forum and was directed to post here.

So I have a PS3 hooked up to my network, and a Netgear NAS running DLNA services. My PS3 can play files from the NAS just great. Problem is in my family room, my video display is a projector, so controlling the PS3 via it's OSD requires me to run my projector all day (not good for lamp life or the elec. bill). I am looking for a way to control my PS3 from a PC or Android phone, so I can listen to music and control it without requiring my projector to be on all day.

I found a Sony-Authored Android App called "Network Audio Remote"

Running the app, I can see the NAS (as a source) from my phone but can't see the PS3 (which I supposed would be listed as a "player). I go to the PS3 Menu and try to register the phone to the PS3 ("Phone" is an option, along with PC, PSP, or Vita). The PS3 gives me a registration code and a countdown timer of like 360 seconds, but requires that I use the wifi on my phone to log directly onto the PS3 (not through the network via my WAP to the PS3 wired connection).

My phone sees the PS3 as an available network, but can't log onto the PS3 wifi access (PS3 asks for a WPE encryption key, I try entering the Reg Code provided by the PS3 menus system, with no success).

The network settings for the PS3 wireless seem to allow me to set WPE keys for my PS3 to log on to another WAP for network connectivity, but I can't seem to find where to reset the WPE that the PS3 requires for another device to log onto IT.

I think the app might work if I could get by this step.

So can anyone tell me if I am barking up the wrong tree here? Is there any way to control my PS3 as a media player from my phone or a remote PC? Is there a way to view the WPE encryption key the PS3 wants the device logging directly onto it to provide?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: PS3 Media, Control & Networking.

Jan 4, 2012

I haven't read anything that lists the PS3 as a supported device for the Network Audio Remote app. I only see mentions of iPod docks and Sony's line of "network music systems".

Are you browsing the Remote Play menu? I believe the Phone option is for certain Sony-Ericsson phones that support PlayStation Remote Play. The PC option is for certain VAIO computers.

I think you might be out of luck unless you find a PlayStation Portable for dirt cheap (they usually are when used and have hardware unsuitable for running homebrew software) to control the PS3.

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