Oct 19 2011
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PS3 Activation

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So not knowing that activations happen on the hard drive and not the system.  I have over activated my account and called to have all of my systems deactivated.

Now with that done they said i have to wait 7 days before i try to reactivate my account.  Does that mean i have to stay offline on that account or just wait to try to activate the ps3?

Needing clarification on this matter.

Any help?

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Re: PS3 Activation

Oct 23, 2011

Activations only apply to the use of Playstation Store content downloaded to your PS3.  You can sign on to PSN to play on-line games at any time.  Any PS3s that previously were activated should continue to be able to play downloaded Playstation Store content also.  You will not be able to activate any additional PS3 systems until the 7-day waiting period passes. Current Sony policy is to reset PS3 activations only once per PSN account, so don't expect them to do this for you again.  You should be careful about how many PS3s you download your Playstation Store content to in the future.

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