Jan 02 2013
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PS store not working, BO2 online, and Playstation All Stars Battle Royale online

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I baught bo2 for christmas and i was finally able to play my ps3 today.  The multiplayer and zombies online will not work.  It said "Connecting to Online Service" for a while, then the screen go black with a loading thing at  the bottom right of the screen.  After that, it goes back to the Zombies home screen and says "ERROR     The Call of Duty: Black Ops II server is not available at this time.  Please try again or visit"  It was not a server error becuase my  friends on their ps3 were able to play BO2 with no problem.  My PS store also doesn't work.  It says press the ps button to quit and i do so.  Nothing happened so i deleted it and reinstalled it.  Still nothing happened.  When i go to games<Playstation store, it says its not available in my country or region, but i live in the US.  Maybe the dysfunction of the PS Store is connected to BO2 somehow?


PS All Stars Battle Royale also won't work.  I activated the online pass using the code given.  I tried playying 

an online quick match but just said error.  Maybe this has to do something with the PS store again? 


The weird thing is that I am able to play games that i previously had for my PS3 that requires online like COD Black Ops.

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