Mar 08 2014
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PS Store purchase error

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I've been trying since yesterday evening to purchase South Park - the Stick of Truth from the PS Store but everytime I get the same message :

- (from the PS Store on my PC) : We've encountered an error while processing your order. The transaction has not been completed. Please try again later.

- (from the PS Store on my PS3) : An error occured.


I'm located in Turkey, but this country isn't one of the countries that "banned" the game... is there a general problem with the store or is it something with my account?

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Re: PS Store purchase error

Mar 11, 2014

Hey there. This is the forums for the SCEA North American region. If you are located in Turkey but using a US account, the store is most likely detecting your general location and is preventing you from obtaining the game. Keep in mind although the game may not be banned, I'm fairly certain that those 7 censored scenes from the US version are definitely banned. The only way around this would be to somehow obtain a US copy of the game, however we never recommend purchasing content outside of your region. 


To contact your support for your region see this page for a list of contacts:




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