Nov 28 2013
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PS Plus with Destiny & Multiple Systems

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Ok. So I have a PS3 right now. I will be getting a PS4 next year and hopefully my PS3 will still be functional. I guess you have to have a PS+ membership to play online with the PS4? BUT! My question is: I wanna get 2 copies of Destiny *one for each system* for me & my husband. SO! If I get a PS+ membership, will I be kosher on both systems if we wanna play online? I would guess yes since both systems will be sharing the same account... I just wanna make sure. Smiley Tongue Don't judge me!!


Does any of this make sense?

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Re: PS Plus with Destiny & Multiple Systems

Nov 28, 2013
I don't think Destiny PS4 players can play with PS3 players. And you cannot login on a PS4 and PS3 with the same account at the same time. You and your husband have to be on separate accounts to be able to play online. Your husband would also have to play on another PS3/PS4 to be able to play with you. You must have 2 of either system to play Destiny together along with separate PSN accounts.

Alternatively, Destiny might have split screen co-op but thats just me guessing/hoping. If it does, then you both can play together on the same system.

Summary: You need 2 systems and 2 PSN accounts to play online as of now. If you plan to play online on 2 PS4s, you'll need 2 PSN accounts both with PS+.
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