Dec 27 2012
By: mws_1984 Monster Hunter 39 posts

PS Network down this morning?

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Just attempted to get on the PS network and it was giving me an error. I forget the #. But it was taking forever to log in then I got the error without ever being logged in. 

Now some other issues. I did just get my PS hooked up toa new HD tv so not sure if something happened there. I do go wireless so that might be an issue. As to hook up the HDMI cable to the TV the console had to get pushed further back into the shelf. Might have to get a longer HDMI cable depending on what I can do. 

That plays on the fact to sometimes play online I would have to pull the console out of the shelf. No longer can do that with how it is set up now. 

So just wondering is there an issue with the network today or might I just have an even weaker wireless signal than I did before? 

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