Jan 15 2013
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Online play for 2 ps vita on same account??

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Hi, I have just purchased and downloaded little big planet vita and online play for my 2 sons,

it comes with 2 DOWNLOADS. I have 2 vitas, so I installed one on each.


My problem is that, because they are both using my main account they cannot both log in to play together. If one is logged in and the other one tries to connect then the first gets disconnected.


I tried to log in to one of them with a sub account I made for them so they can play together like on the ps3. But the log in fails because it requires me to log in with the main account. That I activated it with.


Can I wipe the vita and activate with their sub account and still be able to download the game from my main account somehow?


Or better yet can someone tell me how I can get the game working on both vitas with online play so they can play together?


does the 2 available downloads include sub accounts?


Please don't tell me that I have to buy another copy of the game on the sub account. Because what's the point of giving us 2 downloads when you can only really use one?


I should be able to log in with 2 activated vitas or atleast one on main and one on sub account.


I never had this problem with the ps3 because with one game they can have 2 different psn accounts logged in to play together.


I think purchased games should be able to play on main or sub accounts and vise versa. How else do parents use parental controls if we have to buy many copies of a game just to have online play between 2 units that are activated on the same main/sub account.


Please help and thank you

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